Social and Recreational Support Programs

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  • Assistance and support for social and recreational interests
  • Support for skills development

St Jude’s Services provide support to individuals to identify their social needs and pursue their recreational interests within the wider community. Individuals choose their own activities within general categories such as mentoring, peer-matching, sport, healthy living, culture, the arts, recreational activities, educational support, volunteering and pre-employment training and support. We have team members trained as Community Facilitators to reinforce social inclusion and ensure all support is delivered in mainstream social settings.

Our approach is to build on the existing personal strengths of an individual and support existing community access strategies, such as the use of public transport, if that is the individual’s current way of accessing communities. This approach allows our clients to retain existing skills, whilst supporting their resources to stretch towards cultivating positive outcomes aligned to their individual plans. The programs range from providing support to enable individuals to independently engage in the community with various levels of intensity, through to skills development in communities or service centres. Support is encouraged at 1:1 or 1:2 ratios to ensure measurable outcomes are achieved in socially inclusive settings.