• Accommodation is provided in shared living 3-4 bedroom houses
  • 24/7 staffing support is available

We understand that access to a permanent and secured accommodation with a feeling of “our own home” is one of the key challenges for people with disabilities. St Jude’s Services aims to provide our clients with the opportunity to shape their future and to self-direct their support. We cultivate a service model that flexibly supports independent shared living options for people with disabilities.

St Jude’s Services offers several houses with 3-4 bedrooms in the community setting. In offering accommodation support, our key intention and drive is for our clients to experience a sense of home, strong connections with their community, and an increased sense of belonging and enjoyment of a safe and supportive lifestyle that is driven by choice rather than by the constraints of a disability. Our commitment is to assist individuals in experiencing valuable lives while supporting them through complexities that are associated with their needs. We believe these complexities should not limit an individual’s right to independent choice driven supports.