If a client/representative/family would like to discuss the various services St Jude’s offers we can arrange a meeting to deliberate over the particular services required. If preferred, our Regional Manager can be contacted by phone to discuss the various options. We are usually able to advise at our first meeting, whether we are able to be of assistance.


Once a family/representative or individual has chosen St Jude’s as their preferred service provider, we will contact Department of Communities-Disability Services/NDIA NDIS/MY WAY NDIS and discuss the funding with them. We ask families/representatives to sign a consent form so this can occur. Consequently, a follow up meeting may be organised with Department of Communities-Disability Services/NDIS and the family to discuss whether the funding meets the desired option.

Our Regional Manager will then meet with the potential client and representatives to identify the individual’s goals and interest to develop a plan.

If it looks as though the funding will meet the needs of the person,  a funding plan will be submitted to Department of Communities-Disability Services. If it is a NDIS Plan we will meet with NDIS to discuss your plan. While this is being approved, we can be working with the individual or representative/family to recruit staff and work out the details.

Services can begin as soon as funds are approved, or, an appropriate transition has been planned.
We will always keep families and service providers informed as to possible time lines.


We may have housing or vacancies within houses available and will discuss these with you when we meet, if you choose St Jude’s Accommodation. If you prefer not to take St Jude’s accommodation, we may assist you with finding the right accommodation that suits your interest. In the interim, we can look at subsidised private rentals, sharing with people who already have housing, or, host family options. We aim to be flexible and we will problem solve with you to find alternatives.

Our clients may be required to pay 75% of their pension as an accommodation fee (note: all the bills and meals are included in the fee). This fee amount, however, may be negotiable subject to your individual circumstances.


We aim to provide our clients with services as soon as possible, although we do have an internal policy to commence services within 7 days of the funding approval and the client’s agreement to the plan. Other factors however, that may delay the time line include: the availability of housing; availability of staff and availability of a ‘Vacancy’ in a shared option.

We appreciate that sometimes clients are in a crisis and need support to start fairly quickly.
In such cases we usually can arrange an interim arrangement to get things started.


Every individual who has access to a St Jude’s Service has a plan. We informally review the plans quarterly and undertake a formal major review annually with the client and/or their representative. A coordinator will liaise regularly with the client and family, to discuss concerns, and mediate with all stakeholders so that the client receives a great service.


Any issues of concern may be raised with either the support workers or coordinator.
If this does not resolve the problem, clients/representatives are requested to contact the office and speak with Mr Binu Joseph, our Managing Director. All issues are regarded with the utmost of importance and will be resolved as quickly as possible.

The St Jude’s Services complaint form may also be used or alternatively written/emailed concerns will be acted on promptly.